Give wellbeing a boost with fibre from bread!

For a growing group of consumers, feeling good is about making considered choices for healthier, nutritious foods that do something back for their health.

Fibre plays a crucial role in this as it keeps your digestive system healthy and assists in the prevention of diseases (cfr. diabeters-2 and colon cancers). Additionally it makes you feel satiated and less quickly hungry because the body takes longer to process the fibre.

Certain grains (especially wholegrain) and some bran & seeds – used in a wide selection of our breads – are a rich sources of fibre. As they bring on the most fibre, even more than most fruits and vegetables, they quickly provide us with a big part of the fibre-intake we need every day.

Did you know that 45% of the consumers are actively looking for healthy options when eating out? (Global Data, 2020)

With a selection of breads rich in fibre, your customers can do both. Enjoy and refuel!

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