Brioche bun mini

Soft, round, mini size bun from brioche dough enriched with sugar & butter.

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 10 g
  • Defrosting 22 °C · 30'
  • 110 PCS C/S · 160 C/S PAL


Party & drinks, buffet

The story behind

A delicious mini bun made of brioche dough enriched with eggs, butter and milk resulting in a soft, tender crumb with a rich taste. 

Tips & tricks 

  • Toast or grill cutting surface of bun for more tase, texture and crumb protection. 
  • Decorate by dippig into herbs or seeds like sesame.
  • Serve warm as carrier for mini burgers or chicken/ fish nuggets.
  • Use cold as mini brioche sandwich to make party loaves.