Panini 125

Part baked half-baguette without incisions, ready to grill.

  • Suitable for vegans
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 125 g
  • Defrosting 22 °C · 30'
  • Grilling 220 °C · 3-5'
  • 45 PCS C/S · 36 C/S PAL
  • Baking 200 °C · 4-6'
  • Serve hot


Light meal, street food, on-the-go

The story behind

What are Panini? Panini means rolls or little breads. In Italy the word is synonymous with sandwiches. Today, panini have become part of the snacking tradition to be savoured as a light bite between meals, to be eaten on-the-go or as a lunch. Nowadays the Panini-concept is one of grilled (Italian) breads with al kinds of different (Mediterranean) fillings.

Tips & tricks

  • Grill the panini crosswise the direction of the barmarked stripes to obtain a nice square pattern on the crust. 
  • It is recommended to put the wettest ingredient in the middle of all filling layers to prevent soaking of the crumb.
  • Less is more! The panini must be eatable as on-the-go snack 3 to 4 ingredients are enough with a total weight of 80gr.
  • Use a sheet of baking paper to protect the iron of the grill and to prevent the panini from a burning taste, smell or smoke.
  • Filled and heated… Ready in only 60 sec. in a high-speed-oven at 260°C.