2104414 PAVÉ CRANBERRY Melba toasts with fat duck and mango

Roasted sandwich with smoked fat duck breast, duck mousse and grilled mango. Serve with passion fruit vinaigrette. TIP: ideal loaf for cheese plate.


  • 2104414 PAVÉ CRANBERY 450
  • Pre-sliced, smoked duck breast
  • Duck paté or mousse
  • Mango
  • Passion fruit
  • Corn salad


TIP: Make melba toasts by cutting loaf in thin, 10 mm slices (or rolling slices flat with a rolling pin) and bake in oven between 2 silicon sheets.

  1. Grill mango in grill-pan.
  2. Spread duck mousse on toasted bread slice.
  3. Top with smoked duck breast slices and garnish with grilled mango.
  4. Finish with corn salad and drops of vinaigrette with passion fruit.