The new wave of Urban Snacking

Savoury snacking moments brighten up our days. They replenish, comfort and satiate the small cravings. And new snacking formats allow consumers to savour slowly, relax and enjoy a well-deserved break or to recharge on the go!

Mini Snack-bites are really trending in this new snacking scene. Tapa-style, small dishes to share... They’re perfect for an 'apero moment-out' to unwind after work or in the weekend.

Even on the go in a handy multi-tray or sleeve they are the perfect companion for a tasty savoury break.

Did you know that quick tapas and mini-bites that are served in just minutes are preferred over full dishes that take longer prep-time?

Put them on your menu…. An Increase of orders and the  average late-afternoon ticket will not long be witheld.