Mini pizza bagel prosciutto

Bite size mini pizza snack from soft bread topped with sour cream, ham, Emmental cheese, parsley, garlic and black pepper.

  • Stone oven baked
  • 30 g
  • Baking 180°C · 4-5'
  • 24 x 4 PCS C/S
  • Defrosting 22°C · 15'
  • 104 C/S PAL


Party & drinks, buffet

The story behind

This recipe is based on the classic and regional speciality "flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée" from the Alsace region in France. Today we know this recipe better as "white pizza". 
Savoury Sharing Plate: these products take very little time and effort to transform into a delicious sharing plate. Serve them straight from the oven, or customize them with a whimsical finishing touch. 

Tips & tricks

  • Bake them just long enough to melt the cheese and roast the outsides. A bagel must be crispy at the outside and juicy in the middle.
  • Place a baking tray at the bottom to protect the oven floor from eventual drops of melted cheese.