Fully baked, pre-grilled half-baguette with Provencal herbs, ready to fill and grill.

  • 110 g
  • 55 PCS C/S - 40 C/S PAL
  • Defrosting 22°C · 30'
  • Baking 200°C · 4-6'
  • Grilling 220°C · 3-5'

  • Suitable for vegans
  • Suitable for vegetarians


Light meal, street food, on-the-go


Convenience and creative opportunities for all sandwich makers, pubs, bakery cafés, gas stations and kiosks. As a Fully Baked product you can easily defrost, fill and (flow-) pack them. Once prepared, you can keep them in the cooling counter. Once ordered, you can serve the prepared sandwiches as a cold (to be heated at home or at the office), or a hot sandwich according the customer's choice. The bar marks give the bread the look of a freshly grilled panini.


  • Grill the panini crosswise the direction of the barmarked stripes to obtain a nice square pattern on the crust. 
  • It is recommended to put the wettest ingredient in the middle of all filling layers to prevent soaking of the crumb.
  • Less is more! The panini must be eatable as on-the-go snack 3 to 4 ingredients are enough with a total weight of 80gr.
  • Use a sheet of baking paper to protect the iron of the grill and to prevent the panini from a burning taste, smell or smoke.
  • Filled and heated… Ready in only 60 sec. in a high-speed-oven at 260°C.