Bake-OFF, experience ON

Seduce your guests with the smell of freshly baked multigrain bagels, crispy bruschette or even a feuilleté aux fruits. And wow them with your very own finishing touch! Our versatile assortment can be served anywhere in less time and with more creativity.

Oven fresh, all day ‘round

Because you’re baking several times a day, you’re constantly offering original bites that light up your whole restaurant. From a welcoming bread basket to sizzling hot plates: astound your visitors any place, anytime.

Serve five-star quality

Trust on the continuously excellent quality of your offer. Every mini burger, quiche or croissant is prepared with the greatest care for a delightful, tasty experience at the table.

Bye bye waste. Hello waste control!

Avoid leftovers and adjust your assortment instantly depending on customer traffic. With your very own flexible menu, you won’t disappoint any visitors, while avoiding unused supplies.

More time? More creativity

From pre-baked rustichini bread rolls to ready-made tiramisu: the magic is in our quick and easy preparation. All you need to do is add your own twist!

Wide, varied and on trend assortment

With your versatile offer, you’re serving that buttery smooth almond cake or lovely artisanal sourdough bread. Put the hottest trends on your menu in no time, and switch from season to season.

Tips from chefs, to chefs.

You’ve managed to put together an appealing menu, great! But you’re still searching for some nifty insider tips to help you introduce a complete bake-off experience in your restaurant?

1.Eatertainment is hot & happening

Involve curious guests in your preparation with an open kitchen or spice up your homemade cocktails right at the table: little details like these simply shimmer with craftsmanship!

2.Plate sharing is caring

Pimp any brunch-, lunch- of dinner card with festive portions specially made for sharing. With the tapas trend taking over the world, both young and less young visitors love to lift their dining experience to another level.

3.Choose like conscious foodie

Treat buying ingredients as a way to make your kitchen shine before any food has left your hands: a growing number of customers expect healthy bio or local alternatives filled with fibre, vitamins and a fulfilling taste!